Not My City: songwriting as research text

8 July 2020 (conference postponed to 2021)
KISMIF: Keep It Simple Make It Fast, Conference. Porto, Portugal.

in the dark on empty streets deserted parks and alleys […]

The future-oriented utopian cities of urban planning imaginaries sit in stark contrast to actual or existing cities. Behind policies for beautification and rejuvenation is the socio-political ugliness of capitalism, patriarchy, colonialism, and racism. In some of the most depressed and ugly parts of the city, we can find spaces of resistance based in camaraderie, mutual-aid, care, and joy. My doctoral research looks to marginalized and alternative urban groups for ways to reinterpret, resist, and refuse mainstream urban narratives and planning practices.

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Live music and music spaces as research

As part of my research on punk spaces, I have been tracking the shows I attend. These are mostly punk shows, mostly small/local bands, and mostly in Ottawa venues but do include some out of town shows and other genres.

Check out my running list of the bands I have seen perform live since 1 September 2017.