Who builds whose city

alternative traditions of transgressive city-making tactics

The proposed research aims to understand the “outsider” and non-sanctioned spatial practices of marginalized and alternative groups that are often overlooked by, and remain invisible within, the histories and theories of urban planning.

This research focuses on informal urban spatial practices, traditions, and tactics with specific attention on how marginalized and alternative groups operate around, rather than in direct compliance with, the mainstream and authoritative professional structures of urban planning and architecture. An historical-theoretical approach applies critical and radical readings of socio-cultural appropriations and occupations of space drawing from feminist, diaspora, and subculture theory.

Key fields of research: Jewish thought, feminist and queer studies, subculture, counterculture, tactical urbanism, participatory urbanism, right to the city, social justice, power, postmodernism, punk, LGBTQ, sk8

This research is conducted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Ad. Hoc. Ph.D. in Planning, Policy, and Design at McGill University School of Urban Planning and is supported through the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship.